Goshzilla 2000

Guy 6: Look at my new CD player

Guy 5: That is not a cd player, that is a cd holder.

Guy 6: Ahh, you are right, this is the new Rappin with thee Homboiys CD.

Guy 5: Oooo, let's throw that in the dumpster.

Guy 6: Ahh, for that you gonna die.

Guy 5: Let us go.

Guy 6: OKAY!!

They go to the dumpster

Guy 6: Oooh, did I remember the CD?

Guy 5: No, you didn't, are you stupid or something.

Guy 6: I don't know

Guy 5: Watch out for that ice, oh you stupid fool.

Guy 6: Let us go to the dumspter now.

Guy 6 watches frantically as Guy 5 gets in the dumpster. View pans up to Guy 5

Guy 5: What am I doing here? What is the meaning of life? Where is my friend?

Guy 6 arises with a box

Guy 6: Look what I have found, it is a CD player.

Guy 5: No, it is not a CD player

Guy 6: I'm not having this argument again.

Goshzilla appears surfacing in dumpster

Guy 6: Do you hear something? Oooh what is that

Goshzilla surfaces

Guy 6: Oooeehhhh

Guy 6: Ahhh, oh no, where is he, where is he?

Guy 6 gets sucked down into the dumspter.

Guy 5: Oh, what has happened to my friend? Ohhh Gets kicked in the head my Goshzilla

Guy 5: Ohohoh, I have died now.

Guy 6 breaks out of rubble and emerges

Guy 6: Ahaha, I have defeated him.

Guy 6 get kicked in the head and falls out of the dumspter, then back in. Guy 6: Why has my friend died.

Guy 6: Ooiiii, oooh I have died. I'm dying, no no, I'm not dying....I'm.....getting up....ahhh, I died a little... come on...I can do it....i can do it....ahhh

Guy 7 is seen at the top of the dumpster

Guy 7: Ah hah, ah hoom. Does a roll and breaks a stick Waaahhh! Whoooyaahhhhh!

Guy 7 sees guy 6

Guy 7: Ahhh, who are you?

Guy 6: Are you my first friend?

Guy 7: No, I am not your first friend.

Guy 6: Help me back in.. Gets in Never mind, I did it myself.

Guy 7: What are you doing around here?

Guy 6: I was looking for my first friend, he was eaten by goshzilla.

Guy 7: Which goshzilla?

Guy 6: Goshzilla 2000!

Guy 7: Huuh!, What!, is he back?

Guy 7 holds up a board

Guy 7: You must train before you fight Goshzilla. Show me your true skill.

Guy 6 makes an attempt to break the board but misses.

Guy 7: Very good

Guy 6 breaks it this time

Guy 7: Ah hah, you have far succeeded what my expectations were for you. You are now ready to fight Goshzilla 2000!

Guy 7: We are ready to fight Goshzilla 200 now.

Guy 6: I wish to fight him first.

Guy 7: No, I am the hero, I will fight him first.

Guy 6: What?! It is not good.

Guy 7: Dum dum, there is goshzilla right there!

goshzilla roars.

Guy 7: Let me at him first!

Guy 6: No me first!

Guy 7: What's wrong with you? kicks up a board and swings it at guy 6

Guy 6 grabs it and breaks in in half. They do this a few times. Then they go into a sword fight, in which guy 6 wins.

Guy 7: I see you have won rock paper scissors. It is an honor to let you fight first.

Guy 6: Shank you

Guy 6: Goshzilla, we fight again, for the first time. Wahhhh hoooiii!

They fist fight

Goshzilla: Hey guy number 1. goshzilla kicks him Tonight you sleep with the rodents.

Guy 6 gets flushed.

A view of a port-a-john is seen, the occupied marker turns from red to green, and guy 6 jumps out.

Guy 6: Hah hah! There is no flushing me! He rushes off

Guy 7: I know my master of the art of preying mantis will help me now. Huh, what is that?! It is goshzilla.

Goshzilla: roar

Guy 7: Goshzilla, what are you going to do now?

Goshzilla: It is my lunch break and you taste like a fortune cookie. So I will eat you now.

Guy 7: No you won't. They fight and guy 7's hand is chomped.

Guy 7: Oh goshzilla, what are you doing now?

Guy 7 picks up a wire and hits goshzilla.

Guy 7: No, don't eat my head

Goshzilla eats his head

Guy 7: Oh, you have eaten my head. Ohhh, that is not good. Too bad this is only a minor setback.

They fight some more.

Guy 7: I have defeated you

A lovely song is heard